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Monday, December 12 2011

SpeakEasy Rules !!

It's been a while, again, but I've been doing some work in background :

Game rules

So let's begin with the beginning : what type of game will SpeakEasy be ? Good question... here are some of my ideas :

  • It's a multiplayer game, DOTA-like, with 2 teams composed from 1 to 5 players
  • Each team has to protect their SpeakEasy and expand their area of influence
  • The first team color theme is dark, the other one is bright
  • The playground is a city, with neutrally colored buildings
  • When a SpeakEasy increases its area of influence, the buildings gets colored accordingly
  • The winner is the team which SpeakEasy's area of influence engulfs the other one
  • Each player has the control over one character, with a 3rd person view


Then, following the simple observation that the current version of SpeakEasy's codebase was difficult to scale up, I decided to refactor it, and create a real engine this time. I've read some articles, books, and of course code (ryzom, ogre3d, and more recently doom3 !) to learn, but I think the best way is to start coding something, and iterate.

For now, I've started the work onto the engine branch of my git repository, and I'm coding the memory manager that will be used throughout all the game. For those interested in memory and how to manage it in C++, I'd recommend reading this article which I find very interesting :


Until next time...

Tuesday, May 11 2010

New ground !

Hi all, it's been a while since my last post, but here it is !


As you can see, there is a new terrain, generated from the "Diamond-square" algorithm.

Here is a closer screenshot :


For now this is more a proof of concept, because there is no LOD so it costs a lot of resources !

I'm working on a (re)design of the SpeakEasy engine, because right now it is not as structured as I want it to be. I'm also very excited about the release of the Ryzom game source code under the AGPLv3 licence ! It is very interesting to look at real shipped game source code, and may be re-use some of it !


Sunday, September 20 2009

Character and buildings !

Hi all !

Here is a screenshot of the current state of SpeakEasy !


As you can see, there is now a fully animated character, loaded from md5mesh and md5anim files ! The model is temporary, I am still searching for a free or creative commons compatible better looking 3d model.

The buildings are procedurally generated, with random height. They only appears on flat ground.

I have added a doxygen documentation, accessible by the link bar at the top of this page.

Bye !

Tuesday, July 14 2009

SpeakEasy.... on Vista


Here are two new screenshots of SpeakEasy, very much alike those before, but they come from Vista version !!

Wireframe version :


Filled version :


One other thing that can't be seen on the screenshots, is that the camera is working ! By moving the mouse you can look around, and use Z,Q,S,D to move around FPS-like, and Space or LeftControl to go up or down.

I will soon try to make an executable for you to play with, but for now this is on the git repository.

Enjoy !

Tuesday, June 9 2009

First screenshots !


Here are the first two screenshots of SpeakEasy :

Wireframe version :

SpeakEasy 0.2 wireframe

Filled version :

SpeakEasy 0.2 fill

These two screenshots represents the ground with random height, and the axis you can see represents the camera. This will soon be on the git repository.

Bye !

Wednesday, May 13 2009

First Speak Easy logo

Hello all,

Here is a pick of the first speak easy logo !

SpeakEasy Logo Squared

I made it with font Times New Yorker and a vector art under CC using the Gimp 2.6.6 and Inkscape 0.46.

Please send comments !

PS : i'm still searching a theme for this blog, may be when I'll have the time I'll look directly into css, but this one will do for now...

Tuesday, May 12 2009

Welcome to the Speak Easy blog

Hello, world !

This is the first post of many (hopefully), and the official beginning of Speak Easy the game development. For now there is not much on the website, but I will soon post the git repository and some infos.

I want to thank the host tuxfamily.org who gives free projects a chance to grow by offering quality services !

So welcome everybody, and enjoy your stay !